Panwrite Plastic Industries Sdn. Bhd. accommodate our increasing production capabilities, we have expanded additional factories and warehousing facilities and equipment's of up a 40000-sq. ft. We have acquired and high tech equipped for our blowing, injection, UV silkscreen, hot stamping and labelling.


The additional space enables us to manufacture parts more innovative plastic related products and to boost a complete and offer more services to a greater spectrum of potential customers while we continue to broaden our relationships with all of our customers.


 Blow Moulding

 Injection Moulding

 UV Silkscreen

 Hot Stamping



 Ultrasonic Welding

 Shrink Wrap

 Secondary Assembly

 Rotary Material Mixer


 Height Gauge

 Digital Callipers

 Thickness Gauge


 Vacuum Oven

 Colour Assessment Cabinet

 Universal Pressure and Tensile Measurement Machine


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