In a consumer-driven environment distinctive packaging is vital. Panwrite Plastic offers premium expertise in developing packaging solutions for markets where quality and style are essential to a product’s success. We also have one of the Malaysia most complete in-house decorating facilities including silk screen printing, hot stamping, shrink wrap and labelling to help differentiate your brand.

 Personal Care

We possess many attractive designs of containers that are suitable for personal use whilst appropriate with its functionality. Examples of products are talcum powder, body lotion and cream. Panwrite offers over 300 standard products most of which are suitable for Personal Care products.

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We accommodate appealing designs which are befitting for cosmetic packaging products while also meeting with the current trend in plastic bottles. Panwrite stocks a wide range of containers which are suitable for liquids, powders, creams, gels and ointments.

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We have produced a supplement featuring a range of products which are particularly suitable for the healthcare arena.

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Plastic offers hardwearing hygienic packaging and examples of packaging we have produced includes bottles for shampoos and conditioners, sprays, toilet bowl cleaners and sprayers.

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We are used to provide household products with wide selection of designs that are lightweight and hardwearing products. Examples are detergent, hand sanitizer, dishwasher cleaner and sprayer air freshener.

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 Industrial Chemical

Packaging in this sector needs to chemically stable and durable and thanks to plastic’s proven corrosion resistant and shatterproof qualities, we are capable of producing the container of this main packaging up to the size of 5 litres.

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 Car Care

Plastic is light, functional, shatterproof, chemically stable and durable making it suitable for packaging in car care containers. Examples of product are screen washer, car shampoo, sprays and scratch removers. 

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Plastic is the perfect packaging choice in this sector as it is light, functional, shatterproof, durable and easy to clean. Plastic offers simple, durable shatterproof packaging and is often the only material that fulfils the dual demands of food safety and realistic cost.

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Price and functionality are important factors in this sector and plastic is the ideal choice offering hardwearing lightweight products at a cost effective price.

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 2nd Process

We also have one of the most complete in-house decorating facilities including silk screen printing, shrink wrap, labelling and hot stamping to help differentiate your brand.High quality decoration can be critical to the success of a product, particularly in the personal care sector.




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