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Personal Care

Personal Care

We possess many attractive designs of containers that are suitable for personal use whilst appropriate with its functionality. Examples of products are talcum powder, body lotion and cream. Panwrite offers over 300 standard products most of which are suitable for Personal Care products.

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Why Choose Us?

Panwrite’s containers can be used for many personal care products which includes talcum powder, body lotion, whitening cream, body shampoo, hair care products, and many other types of related beauty care products.

But that’s not all. To date, we are more than capable of producing over 300 different types of personal care bottles and containers to complement your personal care products.

Other than that, we also provide other services such as plastic packaging bottles. Or, click to contact us right here if you are interested to learn more about our products or services in detail. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have.