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Malaysia’s Best Selling Plastic Cap Bottle Manufacturer

If you are looking for a plastic cap manufacturer to produce good quality caps to fit your products, then we might be the right company to help you with that. Over the past decade, we have established a name for ourselves across the manufacturing industry in Malaysia.  

Our manufacturing company is different from other manufacturers in Malaysia because we also produce bottles for you to fit with the plastic cap. This eliminates all mismatching issues, and you can be confident that your caps won’t be leaking.

Being in this industry for such a long time has allowed us to find the right balance between making affordable, and at the same time, good quality plastic caps in Malaysia.

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The Prefered Plastic Cap Supplier For SMEs & Multinational Corporations

As seasoned plastic cap suppliers, we provide a wide range of plastic cap choices for you to choose from, which includes big or small caps, and even plastic caps that come in all types of shapes.  

Some of the plastic caps we have available are screw caps, snap on caps and many more. You can use these for plastic caps for a variety of uses like for your water bottle, lotions, skin care products, detergent bottles, shampoos and many more. 


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If you are interested to learn more about all the types of plastic caps we are able to manufacture, then you can contact our team here to enquire more details about our products and services offered. Our team will be more than happy to assist you with your business needs.